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New to objective-c. Finally found a tutorial that describes how to create and use a static library in x-code. I'm surprised that building and using libraries is such an arduous process. Is there a more efficient way to create and use static libraries?

I installed JetBrain app-code. But I can't follow the same steps since I can't figure out how to create a workspace in app-code.

Could someone please lists the steps for creating and using a static library in app-code?

Also, how can I change my build path in app-code? I tried to change the path in project properties...there is a text-box but its value keeps reverting back to the default?

I think I'm missing something, because the jet-brain products I've worked with (resharper for C#, and intell-j for Java) are very high quality.

Thanks in advance.

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"Is there a more efficient way to create and use static libraries?" - get rid of Xcode, use make & emacs. –  user529758 Dec 16 '12 at 23:21

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at this moment, AppCode doesn't have full project configuration facilities: you cannot create targets in it. This functionality will be added in the future versions.

Meanwhile, you can use Xcode to setup you project and then switch back to AppCode.

As for the build path reverting to the default, could you please file a bug report in the tracker?

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