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I realise this means that this method is unsupported on the target machine, so that's fine, but how else can I get the same functionality?

If I use Range.Borders.LineStyle and Range.Borders.Weight then it doesn't put a border around the range, it will put borders around every individual cell inside the range (like a grid), which is not what I need.

The target machines use Office 2007. All other Office Interop code in my project works fine, just this.

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You can try this code:

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I don't have Range.BorderAround(), only Range.BorderAround2() – Ozzah Dec 17 '12 at 21:50

Try this it should work.

sheet.Range["A1:D6", Type.Missing].BorderAround();
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you can try this :

Excel.Application nouveau_excel = new Excel.Application();
nouveau_excel.get_Range("A1:K3").BorderAround(Excel.XlLineStyle.xlContinuous, Excel.XlBorderWeight.xlThick, Excel.XlColorIndex.xlColorIndexAutomatic, Color.Red);
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