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I've been reading the parse doco but haven't found a nice definition for each of the keys/ids it specifies on the overview page.

Can anybody give a nice definition of each, and a realistic example of when i'd need each item?

EDIT just to beat somebody to the punch, i know that the overview page defines each key. But the definitions are the kind of textbook example of "terrible"... they're not specific or clear enough for me. For example, can i use the application key from a windows application? Why not? I commmunicate with parse via json requests, it hardly knows nor can really care where i'm communicating from!

One tutorial I saw had me using the master key for all communications - i imagine this is a terrible idea if building a mobile app. etc etc.

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This answer does not include the Windows key, but it does cover the difference between client, REST API and master keys.

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it even covers the windows key now! –  bharal May 28 '14 at 13:35

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