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Not sure if I phrase the question correctly, but I'm trying to target a class within another class, but I've declared the parent class as a variable.

<div class="parent">
  <p class="child">hello world</p>

var a = $('.parent');
var b = $('.parent .child');

Is there a better way/convetion of declaring variable 'b'? Or targeting classes within variable 'a'?

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please do some research before asking. Start here: docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:Getting_Started_with_jQuery –  ahren Dec 17 '12 at 1:16

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If you want to target elements inside of a you can use:

var b = a.find('.child');
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Since 'a' is now a jquery object, you can use the 'children' method to find a matching node:

var b = a.children('p.child'); or var b = a.children('p');

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