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I'm trying to deliver my blog's sitemap.xml file generated by a Razor view, like so in my _AppStart.cshtml file:

RouteTable.Routes.MapWebPageRoute("sitemap.xml", "~/pages/shared/sitemap.cshtml");

This route is ignored for some reason, and I get a 404. It works fine if I route it to "/sitemap", but the moment I include the file extension it breaks. I'm assuming IIS is doing something with the request before ASP.NET gets hold of it, but I"m not sure what to do about it.

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Try making the extension a parameter:

    "sitemap.{extension}", // route pattern
    "~/pages/shared/sitemap.cshtml", // physical file
    defaultValues: new {extension = "xml"}, // defaults
    constraints: new {extension = "xml"}); // constraints (regex)
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