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I'm having trouble with passing model data from a Backbone View to a template in Underscore. I want to pass an array into the template so I can evaluate using _.each. My code is below:


_.templateSettings = {
    interpolate: /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g,
    evaluate: /\{\{([\s\S]+?)\}\}/g

Interpolate is {{ }} and evaluate is {[ ]}. Unless my regex is incorrect


el: $('#assasinationBackbone'),
events: {
    'click #newHitJob': 'addNewHitJob'
initialize: function() {

addNewHitJob: function() {
    var hitMen = new HitManList();
    var template = _.template($('#newHitJobTemplate').html());
        success: function() {

I did not define the template in the view as template: , but instead I defined it inside the addNewHitJob property. 1. Is this correct? I did this because I will have more than one template. The said template is below

Template (in Jade), I can translate to html if need be

        {[ _.each(hitman, function(name) { ]}
        option(value="{{ name._id }}") {{ name.name }}
        {[ }); ]}

2. From what I have seen, My problem is with passing hitman to the template, but I am uncertain. Is there something I am missing?

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Your evaluate regex isn't right, you want:

evaluate: /\{\[(.+?)\]\}/g

Your evaluate regex is equivalent to your interpolate since [\S\s] should match anything just like . does.

And when you call an Underscore template, you need to give it an object with the names and values for the template, just handing it an array (hitMen.toJSON()) won't do anything useful; you need to give your serialized hitMen a name so that the template can refer to them:

$('#newHitJobForm').html(template({ hitMen: hitMen.toJSON() }));

and then in the template:

{[ _.each(hitMen, function(hitMan) { ]}
option(value="{{ hitMan.cat._id }}") {{ hitMan.name }}
{[ }); ]}

I had to guess about the hitMan.cat._id part.

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Thanks, I must really invest time in my regexpressions, and now that I know how to pass arrays, I'm good to go. It worked! Sorry about the random example, no people will be hurt in the making of this app ;) –  nevi_me Dec 17 '12 at 7:33

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