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Lets say I create a content type, called "product". Now, if I wish to change the way product nodes are displayed, i would edit "node-product.tpl.php". Easy enough. But what if I want to edit the INPUT page? I.e. The page where you CREATE the node? Is there any easy way to do this?

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To be a little bit polemic, the answer is no, there isn't an "easy" way :]

You have some possibilities:

  1. The classic: use hook_form_alter to alter single fields modifying the $form array. (you can prepend and append HTML too with the #markup directive).

  2. Use $form['#theme'] = 'my_theme_function' and create a my_theme_function($form) that renders the complete form itself, i.e.:

    function my_theme_function($form) {
        // some calls to drupal_render( $form['my_field'] );
        return drupal_render($form);
  3. Use something like the form_panel module...

(There is a lot of literature about this topic in Drupal forums.)

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This page has a good overview of working with input forms for CCK: http://drupal.org/node/101092

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