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I'm trying to use XDebug in the following scenario

  • my computer Windows 7, Netbeans 6.9
  • Physical Host at computer on the same network (Windows 7) with virtual Box
  • Virtual CentOS 6.2, with Apache server 2.2.15 and PHP 5.3.3
  • the PHP code of my website is on a shared folder on CentOS, in /var/www/html/mysite and have separate and can access it by server ip
  • Edited C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts mysite
  • the PHP code is accessible from my Windows host, on \\HostIP\html\mysite, with R/W permissions

I created a Netbeans project on my computer, pointing to \\HostIP\html\mysite. In the project Run configuration, I have the following:

  • Run as: Remote Web Site
  • Project URL: http://mysite/
  • Index file: index.php (does exist in the project)

In the Advanced Run Configuration:

  • I checked "Default"
  • I haven't touched the proxy settings

I have the following in the php.ini on my CentOS VM


note: I tried the configurations with extension=xdebug.so and tried commenting xdebug.remote_connect_back=1 with uncomment xdebug.remote_host= which is my computer ip address.

so basically i have all the configurations like this image enter image description here

but still not working! after run the debugger will open this url


and nothing will happened just netbeans Listing waiting for Xdebug connection

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Make sure you can reach your host with NetBeans on port 9000. From CentOs do: telnet 9000 –  ualinker Dec 17 '12 at 5:15
ok i tried that and "Connected to" so it's working and the server can reach netbeans –  Farok Ojil Dec 17 '12 at 8:08
Ok, check that everything is fine with PHP config here: xdebug.org/wizard.php –  ualinker Dec 17 '12 at 12:52
Summary Xdebug installed: 2.2.1 Server API: Apache 2.0 Handler Windows: no Zend Server: no PHP Version: 5.3.3 Zend API nr: 220090626 PHP API nr: 20090626 Debug Build: no Thread Safe Build: no Configuration File Path: /etc Configuration File: /etc/php.ini Extensions directory: /usr/lib64/php/modules You're already running the latest Xdebug version –  Farok Ojil Dec 18 '12 at 4:05
Try checking opposite situation: close NetBeans and hang netcat on the port 9000. Check whether debugger really reaches it and whether it tries connecting back at all. –  ualinker Dec 18 '12 at 4:12

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Try setting up any breakpoint to your executed script. Debug session may not show up while ide does not respect "break at first line" flag.

Also check if xdebug.idekey property in php.ini equals to ideKey in Netbeans' settings.

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When i want to debug on a remote host i normally have to forward my local 9000 port to the remote server's local 9000 via a ssh tunnel:

ssh -R 9000:localhost:9000 username@remote.example.com

Use bitvise ssh client or putty on windows to get the same effect.

Also in the project settings -> run configuration -> Advanced button

make sure to specify the remote and local full paths the the project files so the debugger can attach (don't worry about the port in this screen leave as standard).

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