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How to compress the tiff file in java, when i am adding the jpeg files to tiff ,the file size was increasing

File f2 = new File("D:/KYCDATA/mani/myimage_compressed.jpeg");

    BufferedImage image3 =;
    List<BufferedImage> list = new ArrayList<BufferedImage>();

    File tiffFile = new File("D:/KYCDATA/mani/mani.tiff");
    if(tiffFile.exists()) {
    ImageOutputStream ios = null;
    ImageWriter writer = null;
    Iterator it = ImageIO.getImageWritersByFormatName("tiff");
    if (it.hasNext()) {
        writer = (ImageWriter);

    ios = ImageIO.createImageOutputStream(tiffFile);

    IIOImage iioImage = null;
    for (int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) {
        iioImage = new IIOImage(list.get(i), null, null);
        if (i == 0) {
        } else {
            writer.writeInsert(i, iioImage, null);
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TIFF uses lossless compression so if I'm understanding your question correctly I'd expect the TIFF to be larger than the original JPEG. See here for a simple description:

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