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I want to set a domain-specific cookies for FireFox and Chrome, something equivalent to InternetSetCookie() API, which takes a URL and a cookie name and value and sets it for all browsers. I have already checked that InternetSetCookie() only works for IE. I'm using C# + .NET 4.0 (desktop app) if that is important.

(just to add some clarification, this is kind of a password manager app that stores user's login/password info for his favorite websites and upon clicking a button in the app, it launches user's default browser, goes to login page of that website, submits username/password in POST fields and simply takes user to his home page. Some of these websites send cookies in response to the login page request that I then need to set before making the subsequent login request).

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Check this for reference :… – Parth Kambli Jan 19 '13 at 19:52

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