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I've seen some facebook applications posting status updates on the users wall to all the registered users on the application. How is this possible? I am using PHP SDK and i am able to post to a user when he is logged in on my application but i have no clue on how to do it when they are not on the app and doesnt have an active session.

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What I do is I save user's Facebook User ID and access_token in a table in the database and then post "whenever needed", for as long as that user hasn't removed post permissions or the app from Facebook account.

Put this in a loop

    $data2 = array();
    $data2['access_token'] = $usersPermission; // from database

    $data2['message'] = 'test message';

    $facebook->api('/'.$facebook_user_id.'/feed/', 'post', $data2);

And I can post while the users are not on the app!

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