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I wan't to generate a WSDL file for my REST web service. I also need to parse it in Python. How can I do this?

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WSDL usually refers to SOAP which to my knowledge encapsulates the actual remote call protocol inside it's own protocol and just happens to use HTTP as a transport

REST refers to (usually) to using HTTP methods appropriately e.g. DELETE /frobnication/1 would delete it PUT /frobnication/1 would completely replace the thing (resource) under that URL. POST /frobnication/1 updates it .... (HTTP does have a few more methods).

REST doesn't usually have a WSDL thou, IIRC, there is some talk about "commonly known entry points" (Google for that).

Vote me down but to me that question seems to mix up 2 completely different topics...

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Until recently there was no formal language to describe Representational State Transfer (REST) Web services. But now there's WSDL 2.0!

The publication of WSDL 2.0, which was designed with REST Web services in mind, as a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation means there is now a language to describe REST Web services.

You can find more at Describe REST Web services with WSDL 2.0

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