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I have been using MFMailComposeViewController to allow users to send mail from my app without issue. But I have found that if I have an "iCloud account" set up on the device [MFMailComposeViewController canSendMail] returns 0.

If I remove the iCloud account, MFMailComposeViewController resumes working. I have tried; setting the default mail account in iOS settings to my gmail account, setting up my iCloud account with an '@iCloud' email (which I know works because I can send mail from the mail app using it).

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


  1. I have found that other apps do not have the same problem.
  2. While building the content for the email I had been using many threads to fetch data from UIDocument instances concurrently, I have found that if I load the documents sequentially the issue does not occur.
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Sounds like a severe bug to me. You should definitely file a Radar.

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Thanks Cocoanetics, –  Tom Harris Dec 30 '12 at 23:57

this is not a known bug AFAIK ... sounds really strange too,
does it work from inside other apps? (excluding mail)

if not I'd file a bug

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Thanks Daij-Djan, great idea. I found that other apps did not have the same issue sending mail with the iCloud account on, so I have not filed a Radar. –  Tom Harris Dec 31 '12 at 0:02
can you use it even though it returns NO? maybe the other apps dont check –  Daij-Djan Dec 31 '12 at 13:12

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