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i have 3 datapoints of string array and 2 datapoints of integer array.

@DataPoint public static Integer[] xxx ={100,200};
@DataPoint public static Integer[] x ={-14,15};
@DataPoint public static String[] xx = new String[]{"de" ,"Y"};
@DataPoint public static String[] cityCode = new String[]{"de" ,"abc"};
 @DataPoint public static String[] city = new String[]{"de" ,"dfg"};

@Theory public void xxx(String[] result ,Integer[] checkdt ) 

when running this testcases it is taking 3 datapoints of string array,but i want to use only 2 datapoints of String array how can i use only 2 datapoints ?

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You can use Assume to filter the datapoints. At the beginning of the test, add something like:

@Theory public void xxx(String[] result ,Integer[] checkdt )  {
    // rest of test
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As per my understanding there is no selection of specific DataPoint to specicfic Theory.

Each @Theory will run against input parameters of @DataPoint.

Do you want filter DataPoint data You can assert that input data which you want and run rest.

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how to fliter DataPoint data –  vinod Dec 17 '12 at 8:15

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