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I'm trying to create an Windows Phone developers account, but it's says "Something happened while saving your changes. Try again" during the registration.
I have tryed doing the recommended workaround
( but i doesn't work, so no developers account for me. This is very frustration, sincs there is no logical error, just a useless message.

Does anyone have any thoughts on or other workarounds?



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Did you try with Internet Explorer? – Olivier Payen Dec 17 '12 at 8:35
yes, I have tryed to use IE and Chrome. Have also tryed home and work computer. Same error message. – Bjorn Dec 17 '12 at 8:54

I'll found a new workaround, logged in to my MSDN account. After logging in to the MSDN account I kept the MSDN-tab (more exact, the "my account"- tab) open and then tried to register at the windows phone developers page - Success!

See this link for another workaround (Almost at the bottom) :

Finally I have a Windows Phone developers account.

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Work Around is simple! It worked for me.

The problem is with the Phone entry.

If you are from US, +1 for the first text box and xxx for the area code in the second text box and the remaining phone number in the third text box.

I wish, microsoft should have captured this in the client side validation and wondering the issue persists even now, without permanent fix or error handling.

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