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This question is almost the same with one of my previous questions, wich can be found HERE I have a field named: pa_value wich keeps varchar records Now this field contains records like:


I'm getting these results using the following code:

CAST (replace (p7.pa_value ,'%','') AS float (3,0)) as TotalMargin

What I'm trying to do is to remove everything and leave just 5 characters(or 6 if there is a -(minus) infront of the string). It should be looking like this:


I tried to cast it as a float and then to convert it to integer. I also tried the floor command, wich is not for my case, without any success. I'm always getting a syntax error message. I belive that there is no way to do this

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Couldn't you use the same suggestion as before but without the cast? –  Andriy M Dec 17 '12 at 8:56
I can't get it working –  Slim Dec 17 '12 at 9:18

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SELECT p7.pa_value=CASE WHEN LEFT( p7.pa_value,1)='-' THEN '-' + 
           CONVERT(varchar(max),CONVERT(float,substring(p7.pa_value,4,4))/100) ELSE 
           CONVERT(varchar(max),CONVERT(float,substring(p7.pa_value,3,4))/100)  END
FROM <table_name>

What is being done ..

  • Check if starting character is '-'.
  • If yes then extract string starting from position 4 else starting from position 3.
  • The inner convert function converts string to float for division and the outer convert changes back the resultant value back to varchar type.
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If you know there are always four digits after the comma, you could use this, though I don't believe it's perfect:

CONVERT(NUMERIC(9,2), REPLACE(REPLACE(p7.pa_value, '%', ''), ',', '')) / 100
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