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I'm trying to connect Tryton to a postgres database. In the Tryton client profile, I used the following details:

  • Hostname : localhost
  • port : 8000
  • username : admin

Now everytime I put in the details above, the database labels show:

Incompatible version of the server

So I check out Tryton server and client version and I found out its:

tryton = 2.6.0
trytond = 2.0.1

Ok, now I know that the trytond is not the same as my tryton version. I have searched the web many times to find a matching client and server version but failed.

Even in Ubuntu synaptic package manager, I can't find a real same version.

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You must use the same two first version number. So you must use 2.6 series or 2.0 series. On Ubuntu, last series packaged is 2.2.

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hi ced thanks for the info. –  Katherina Jan 11 '13 at 6:09

Are you using pip? If not, then install it first. This is the best tool(in my knowledge) to install python packages.

To install tryton client using pip sudo pip install 'tryton>2.6,<2.7' and for tryton server sudo pip install 'trytond>2.6,<2.7'. This will install both tryton client and server of latest series 2.6. To install different version just change the version number in command.

All the best!

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you can download the tryton and and corresponding trytond versions from http://downloads.tryton.org/2.6/

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