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I am using elasticsearch and accessing it from C# through the NEST driver. I need to do some concurrency control on the documents I am adding and updating through the NEST driver. Here is a link to the corresponding elasticsearch feature, but I am unable to find any information on how to use document versioning with the NEST driver.

I attempted to set up a mapping, hoping the "_version" property would deserialize from the indexed document (without serializing), but no luck.

Has anyone been able to do what I am trying to do? Is this even possible?

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For those coming to this later, I have written an article on using Optimistic Concurrency with Elasticsearch and NEST -… – Russ Cam Aug 15 at 3:46
Excellent article. That is exactly what I ended up doing when I encountered this issue almost 3 years ago. I even authored NEST's OpType support to make it work. Glad somebody else found it useful. – Joe Waller Oct 21 at 2:54

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_version is a meta data attribute that you can access using result.DocumentsWithMetaData this exposes an IEnumerable<Hit<YourDto>> and Hit<YourDto>> has a .Version property.

Elasticsearch will automatically increase the version number if none is specified.

You can specify your own expected version when you index see the tests here:

From the ES docs i have not been able to find a mention on how to specify the expected version on the GET and Script Update API. Will have to dive in deeper to be absolutely sure it's not needed there.

The op_type create mentioned on is not supported, will also get that in for the next release.

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