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the title already tells the question: you can successfully call the Print-Method on a PictureBox-instance. But it is not shown in the object browser.

same applies for some other methods, Pset() for example is listed but the syntax is not completely correct.

Edit: The methods Ubound() and LBound() for inspection of array bounds is not listed anywhere. And in the IDE, autocompletion doesn't show it as tooltip either.

Does anybody know the reason for this?



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Some of the VB methods and functions from back in the day (like stuff that was available in QuickBasic or PDS or GWBasic) never appeared in the intellisense. Not sure why. Maybe because they are not on any object tree but static functions long ago defined in the runtime. Then again, I could be completely wrong.

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Hehe i thought the same. I've been using QB as well. Good idea they ported some useful functions to objects but they should've documented them. Regards –  Atmocreations Sep 8 '09 at 3:24

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