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I am using a JQGrid which has a Jscrollpane inside it. The Grid has pagination to it.

When I select 10 or 20 records and after that I scroll down the grid, the scroller jumps to the top even if I scroll using the mousewheel plugin. It is always on top, it just won't come down.

If I use normal scroll bars, everything works fine. I have tried maintainPosition:true and false but even then, the scroller is always on top.

gridComplete: function(){
                var table_header = $('#gbox_list').find('.ui-jqgrid-hbox').css("position","relative");
            $('#gbox_list').find('.ui-jqgrid-bdiv').bind('jsp-scroll-x', function(event, scrollPositionX, isAtLeft, isAtRight){
          table_header.css('right', scrollPositionX);
             showArrows: true, 
            autoReinitialise: true,            
        horizontalDragMaxWidth: 30,
        verticalDragMaxHeight: 30,  

Working model

Keep using the scrollbar and try selecting 5///10///20 records... You will notice the error.

Everytime the content gets changed, I need the scrollbar to be on the top as well as to the left when reinitialized.

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i have simply added ""$(".jspPane").css({'top':''});""....but the MOUSEWHEEL GETS AFFECTED...I DUNNO WHY...HERES THE RE-MODELED WORKING FIDDLE..jsfiddle.net/F24XM/2 NOW...with selection of 5 or 10 or 20 records...the scrollpane works fine...except that the MOUSEWHEEL IS'NT..working properly now... –  Kenny Weeler Dec 17 '12 at 10:26
ALSO I VE TOOK OUT 'maintainPosition:boolean' out...is there anyother way to solve this prob in an optimised way ?..PLEASE HELP ME OUT...I WILL HAVE SOLVED ALL MY MAJOR PROBS RELATED TO THIS..THANKS...GOOD DAY Y'LL ! CHEERS ! –  Kenny Weeler Dec 17 '12 at 10:27
but adding $(".jspPane").css({'top':''})(which ive figured out using firebug) seems to be NOT AN OPTIMISED solution because the MOUSEWHEEL GETS AFFECTED....ANYONE...???...HELP ??? –  Kenny Weeler Dec 17 '12 at 13:57

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I did 3 things to get this working.

  1. jScrollPane was not initializing from inside jqGrid's gridComplete function so I moved it to the end of the script.
  2. I then initialized jScrollPane against $('div.ui-jqgrid-bdiv').
  3. I commented out autoReinitialise: true.

Put this at the end of your script and comment out the contents of gridComplete.

  showArrows: true, 
  //autoReinitialise: true,            
  horizontalDragMaxWidth: 30,
  verticalDragMaxHeight: 30,     
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