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gcc 4.7.2
Apache Portable Runtime


I am getting started with apr using threads. My program will be using a lot of threads and I want to use a thread pool so that I can better control them.

However, the apr doesn't really have much documentation about creating thread pools. I have looked at the following api's

/* Create the threading pool */

/* Would I still need to do this, as the below api will create new thread? */

/* Or would this be better */

/* When all finished */

Documentation seems to be very limited with APR.

Many thanks for any suggestions,

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I believe APR thread pool existed at an older time when these APIs weren't prevalent in the regular Java runtimes. These days, you should take a look at java.util.concurrent...

I'm linking you to something that tells you how to use it.

Edit: Sorry, I needed to go to a third party hosted Java tutorial for this. http://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/doc/java/tutorial/essential/threads/group.html

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