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I'm new to Google Charts tools and I was wondering what I'am doing wrong. I want to make the BarChart (or ColumnChart) stacked by adding 'isStacked':true but then the chart gives me wrong data.

You can try it yourself on the Google playground with this code

(Just add 'isStacked':true to the options to see the wrong results)

function drawVisualization() {
// Create and populate the data table.
var  data = new  google.visualization.DataTable({"cols":[{"id":"","label":"Date","type":"string"},

// Create and draw the visualization.
new google.visualization.BarChart(document.getElementById('visualization')).
       {title:"Yearly Coffee Consumption by Country",
        width:1000, height:400,
        vAxis: {title: "Year"},
        hAxis: {title: "Cups"}}

I hope somebody can help me...


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I just had the very same problem. The solution is, numeric values should NOT be between quotation marks, otherwise "3"+"4" becomes 34 instead of 7.

Just remove the " marks if there's a numeric value there. cheers, greg

UPDATE: if you use 'f:' values as well, you will need the quotation marks again, otherwise mouseover might not work on the chart.

{"c":[{"v":"12\/2012"},{"v":14, "f":"14"},{"v":1, "f":"1"},{"v":1, "f":"1"},{"v":1, "f":"1"}]}
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