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I am trying to use sftp using camel, and getting jsch esception. The route that I created for the SFTP -

<camelContext xmlns="">
      <from uri="file:src/srcData?noop=true"/>
          <xpath>/person/city = 'London'</xpath>
          <to uri="file:src/targetData/UK"/>
          <xpath>/person/city = 'Chicago'</xpath>
          <to uri="file:src/targetData/US"/>
          <xpath>/person/city = 'Tokyo'</xpath>
          <to uri="sftp://XXXserverXXX:22/dir1/subdir?username=testUser?password=testPwd&amp;binary=true"/>
          <to uri="file:src/targetData/OT"/>

But with this configuration I am facing the following exception - com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: reject HostKey:

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You should probably define a hostfile: The "knownHostsFile" option should point to a ssh known hosts file with the public key of the host you are connecting to in it.

It's actually documented over here:

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