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I wrote an HTTP request in JMeter which creates a Profile with a new Profile ID( which I am passing as a parameter in URL)

I want to generate a new profileID, in case if the given ProfileID is already existed. How can I do this in JMeter?

currently test runs and passes with showing message that "Profile ID is already existed" as a result, in case of already existed ID.

Don't get Idea how to solve this issue .If I use "if controller", it will check pre-execution condition while I have a post-execution condition that the test runs and after getting this message "already existed" on page it should generate a new ID.

Any help would highly be appreciated.

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You can do the following:

While Controller with condition: ${IdExisted} != "Profile ID is already existed"
  HTTP Request generating random profile Id
    Regular Expression Extractor with reference name IdExisted, regex like "Profile ID is already existed", default value NOT_FOUND

You can carry out "Profile ID is already existed" to User Defined Variables to DRY this test.

But I think, you really don't need While Controller and Regular Expression Extractor. Maybe, you can just make HTTP Request generate more random Id.

To generate random id you can use function:

  • Random if it should be an int, e.g. ${__Random(1, 100000000)}
  • RandomString if it should be a string, e.g. ${__RandomString(10)}
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Thanks Andrew , can u please elaborate it, can u give exact solution, where should I write it, How to generate random id? Please excuse my ignorance, I just started using Jmeter so I have no idea how to implement this solution. –  HappyDev Dec 18 '12 at 9:28
@Sobia I've updated answer –  Andrey Botalov Dec 18 '12 at 9:37

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