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The domain I want to track has a variety of subdomains such as:

  • etc.

I also have a 'main' domain with a couple subdomains that I want included in one profile:


What sort of filter with regex can I setup to exclude the individual cities, but include the main domain and selected broad category subdomains?

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This regex will match only the 'main' domain and this with prefixe 'cities.' or 'countries.' :


Some explainations :

^ start with

?: non capturing group (ie you dont want to capture this group but only check the global match)

cities|countries 'cities' or 'countries'

\. a dot

? 0 or 1 time explicit...

$ end with

You can add any word with a pipe after cities|countries like cities|countries|continents.

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Today, you are my hero. I have been doing rails so much I was doing || – TLK Dec 17 '12 at 17:57

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