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Going with the time I try to implement view pager in my tile based game - and swiping is janky. I performed necessary performance measures like suggested by @romangui , and found out that redrawing my gaem field takes about 48 msec (way too long) - and I already flattened layout, eliminated overdraw have my custom layout managers etc.

I discovered that drawing one tile on GN takes about 0.600 msec - way too long for all 81 tiles. Time is actually spend on Canvas.drawBitmap(...)

Any ideas how to improve performance? I have only 6 different bitmaps, they are loaded once and reused. ARGB_8888. Of course they to not necessarilly match actual displayed size.

Would I get better performance if I pre render them for actual display size after my layout was measured?

Or shall I bite the bullet and pre render one big bitmap with my game state just for scrolling?

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You should be sure that you do not make Android to use scaling of the images while drawing.

Try to use previously scaled images, as in Draw a scaled bitmap to the canvas?

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Derfinitely worth to try, and I can do it while doing custom layout. – Konstantin Pribluda Dec 17 '12 at 11:37
OK, this improved performance a lot (single glyph went from 0.6 msec to 0.2), so drawing performance is almost perfect. I will accept the ansewer unless somebody comes with even better solution by tomorrow evening – Konstantin Pribluda Dec 17 '12 at 19:38

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