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I am setting up a jqeury mobile webpage.. we set up a NavBar in the Header. The problem that occurs right nog is that the navpar is padding (i guess) 1px to the right.. so on Mobile screens the navbar is lining out to tthe right and does not fit perfect under the Header bar..

the links o you could see what i Mean: http://lc.gorillaspots.nl/test/l/web/test/test.php

for example I put the Navbar as a stand alone in the Page (under the header navbar) and then you can see it had 1px on the right missing..

WI can't seem to find the problem in stylesheet.

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If you have an another css file and if it is below jquery mobile css file add this to it:

.ui-navbar li .ui-btn {
    margin: 0 -1px !important;

Original style is attached to a tag (div[data-role="navbar"] ul li a)

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Thanks, this did the job! –  user1483464 Dec 18 '12 at 7:59

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