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I am trying to learn XNA by using Microsoft's tutorials and I am stuck on adding sprites to my content folder. At first I could not find my "Content" directory.

Solution Explorer

As seen in the above image I managed to add a sprite to IC2013-2Content. Is this right so far? I also managed to give it the name "megaman" which I read creates a .xnb file and adds it to the content folder in the solution directory as seen in the next image.

XNA Project Directory

I assume that is the correct directory the .xnb file should be in? When I try and run my program I get this error.

Coding error

Sorry for the overload of images. Does anyone know why I keep getting the File Not Found error?

Thank you.

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Sorry for the overload of images is the wrong thing to say. Everyone loves images :) –  Niko Drašković Dec 17 '12 at 16:29

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Nevermind, I figured that because the .xnb file was in a folder called Images I changed the Content.Load to incorporate the sub-directory and it's now working!

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