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how to i redirect to the login page when the session has completed. When the user sits idle for some time and do any other client side event then it should check the session time out and if session completes it will redirect to login page else the procedure should continue. Any help is appreciated.

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Record the time the user logs in server-side and every time a request is made check if the session has expired server-side. If it has redirect them to the login page. –  Bruno Dec 17 '12 at 10:23
In what context you want user to redirect to login page? 1. When user don't move cursor? Or 2. When user don't click on any link? –  Code Dec 17 '12 at 10:24
@maxterner click event –  Jonathan Dec 17 '12 at 11:11

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Checking for inactivity on a webpage will be like an attempt to listen multitude of event. This also means that if there is user interaction the a function (event handler) is going to be called quite a lot of times. If this handler/function is going to some ajax send/receive stuffs then it could ultimately make your user interface perform poorly.

Why not make the session expiration period short and auto log out the user after? That way if the user is truly active then most probably there will a request for a page within that time frame. You could also set up a timer based event which when fired will simply send dummy request to server to refresh the session as a way of letting the server know that the user is still active but just not ready to request another page yet. This would be the case where a user is editing a long text or something like that.

I hope it helps.

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