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In an old version of Raven (r888) I had an individual database backed up with the following command

"C:\RavenDB\Server\Raven.Backup.exe" --url=http://localhost:8089/databases/Production --dest=C:\temp\raven\production

This would place the backup of the Production database into the destination directory.

On the latest unstable version, after upgrading, the command no longer executes and an error is returned

The system cannot find the path specified.

The docs mention being able to backup the entire server but there is no mention of how to isolate this to a single database?

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Could it be that your path to the executable is wrong? (Replace Server with Backup) "C:\RavenDB\Backup\Raven.Backup.exe"

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Actually, we always backup a single db. To execute on a single db, you use the url http://localhost:8089/databases/Production note the /databases/Production there.

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It looks like the Raven.Backup.exe is no longer in my server folder. So that is the true problem here. I also can't find it in any of my nuget packages? Where does Raven.Backup.exe live now? –  berko Dec 20 '12 at 1:23

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