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I know this is a strange question, but my purpose is totally legit. I have an login to a website that I get reports every day from. Now I'd like to automate the report exporting just so I don't have to go there and export that csv file 3 times a day.

I've asked them if they had a API that I can use, or if they can schedule an report export to my FTP; but the answer was no to both. So I'd like to know if there is a way I can write some code and login to the website then grab what I wanted every 6 hours...

Let me know if my question doesn't make sense. I just wanted some ideas about this if possible.


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you can probably use something like Curl – Preet Sangha Dec 17 '12 at 11:23

totally possible, in .net you can use the WebClient or the HttpWebRequest to send HTTP Requests like a browser. i cant get anymore specific because i cant say what kind of login the site has (post or htaccess). but you can find examples on how to it very easily

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It depends on kind of website and authentication:

1) Using WebClient class

WebClient wc = new WebClient();
wc.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(username, password);
wc.DownloadFile(url, "c:\\");

2) If the first didn't work, you can achieve it using webbrowser control

 HtmlElement ele = webBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("email");
 if (ele != null)
    ele.InnerText = "username";

 ele = webBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("pass");
 if (ele != null)
    ele.InnerText = "pass";

 ele = webBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("Login");
 if (ele != null)

3) Using HttpRequest and HttpResponce...

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