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Is it possible to download dependencies in maven using multiple plugin-repos?

I have my settings.xml configured to get dependencies from a custom repo and because of this, i am unable to get dependencies from the main maven repo server.

Is this possible to setup more then one plugin Repo?

Here is what i have setup so far for my custom repo:



I have not included the dependencies here, but I am unable to pull and resolve some library dependencies.

The maven repo that I use is but I dont have details on the exact repo settings to use as the one I defined for a custom one.

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The default maven repository is called "central". Its url is: or nowadays:

But it is usually configured as mirrorOf. If you create a repository in your settings.xml and give it the id *central" it will replace it.

So I wonder why you can't resolve dependencies from there. Usually adding a repository in settings.xml does not turn of central.

could you execute mvn help:effective-settings and mvn help:effective-pom and have a loook at all repositories, profiles and mirrorOf elements in the xml? central should be there.

I would also recommend using a Maven proxy like Nexus or Artifactory. It simplifies a lot of things within a company.

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