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I have a web application,in which I use Mustache.js templating library. I am loading a list of hospitals using a HospitalListTemplate as in the code$(this.el).html(Mustache.to_html(HospitalListTemplate, { 'data': this.model.toJSON(), 'longitude': lon, 'latitude': lat, 'isEdit': false })); after this I am calling a mapLoad() function function mapLoad(){ $(".gllpLatlonPicker").each(function () { (new GMapsLatLonPicker()).init($(this)); }); } which loads Google map using jquery-latitude-longitude-picker-gmaps my issue is the map is not being loaded in the template.Debugging in chrome console gives $(".gllpLatlonPicker") as [] i.e template is not available for the map to load,so map could not be loaded.Is there any way to load the template fully first and then call the mapLoad() function??

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are you initialize template and map in document.ready() function of jquery? –  Miki Shah Dec 17 '12 at 12:17
No,template and map are not initialized on document.ready.Actually,a HTML skeleton is loaded and my template with map in it has to load on another event in to this skeleton. –  dany Dec 18 '12 at 4:23

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If you are using the Places API to get a list of hospitals, the Places API results object will include lat, lon in the following format:

    "geometry" : {
     "location" : {
       "lat" : -33.8669710,
       "lng" : 151.1958750

Where "place" is a hospital listing), you can either pass the place.geometry.location object, or call place.geometry.location.lat() and place.geometry.location.lng() to get the lat, lon values.

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