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I am working on asp.net mvc with EF code first model. I am trying to apply migrations using EF code first to my project. I am using MySql database. currently i am using EF 4.3.1 version and mysql connector/.net of version. I am successfully add migrations to my project that means i execute series of commands that gave no errors for me. I have followed these steps,

PM> Enable-Migrations

PM> Add-Migration InitialMigration

PM> update-database -verbose

these steps create Migration folder to my project and inside Migration folder it creates configuration and timestamp_Initialmigration files, in configuration file i have added following code.

SetSqlGenerator("MySql.Data.MySqlClient", new MySql.Data.Entity.MySqlMigrationSqlGenerator());

after that i have added one field to my class like,

public int newprop{get; set;}

after that i execute update-database -verbose command in PM console.

when i execute my application it throws an error like,

"Unknown column 'Extent1.newprop' in 'field list'"

please guide me why i am getting this error does i went to the wrong way please guide me.

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If your not using automatic migrations

Database.SetInitializer(new MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion());

 public class MyMigrationConfiguration : DbMigrationsConfiguration<MyDbContext>
        public MyMigrationConfiguration()
            AutomaticMigrationsEnabled = true; // Are you using this ?????
            AutomaticMigrationDataLossAllowed = true;

Then you need to tell EF using the PM Commandlet to add another migration and update the database.

PM> Enable-Migrations  //already done this ?
PM> Add-Migration myLabel
PM> Update-Database

Search for "code based migrations" on web for help

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