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I have some problems with tracking versions of my DACs. I was unable to see the current version of database. Luckily I found this post: How do I find the current version of a SQL Server 2008 data-tier application?

The second answer did the trick, now I can see the current version using SQL statement:

select instance_name,type_version from msdb.dbo.sysdac_instances

Now I am able to see current version and version of new dacpac but in very ugly way. I still have some questions/uncertainties.

  1. For some reason, I don't see Data-tier Applications under Management in SSMS. I was only founding discussions about this for SQL 2008 R2 so I'm not sure is that abandoned in SQL 2012 or I did something wrong.

  2. When upgrading Data-tier Application in SSMS, I can only see dacpac version when reaching Summary step in upgrade wizard. When I select new dacpac in Select Package step, I expect to see the version and description of selected dacpac in the wizard below (as stated on numerous tutorials) but nothing appears. Even in summary step I can't see the version of the current DAC database which was the case in 2008 R2 according to the images I found in those tutorials.

  3. Is there any way to handle version comparing a bit better than this, like showing the current version and new version on the same place? Is there a way to display warning if you are trying to upgrade using dacpac with same or lower version number?



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