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I'm using this code

<a id="minus" href="#">-</a>
   <span id="VALUE">0</span>
<a id="plus" href="#">+</a>



    var valueElement = $('#VALUE');
    function incrementValue(e){
        valueElement.text(Math.max(parseInt(valueElement.text()) + e.data.increment, 0));
        return false;

    $('#plus').bind('click', {increment: 1}, incrementValue);

    $('#minus').bind('click', {increment: -1}, incrementValue);


to have a plus/minus incrementator of the filed named "VALUE". Now, i have a form using this containing 150 field like this... there's a way to generalize this code passing in some way to the function the name of the field that the user is incrementing/decrementing? Otherwise, i have to replicate this code 150 times...

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try this one if this helps:

i have changed a little bit i used classes .plus, .minus instead of ids #plus, #minus

 $('.plus').click(function() {
    var sp = parseFloat($(this).prev('span').text());
    $(this).prev('span').text(sp + 1);

 $('.minus').click(function() {
    var sp = parseFloat($(this).next('span').text());
    $(this).next('span').text(sp - 1);

check this out in fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/L2UPw/

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cool! In this way how can i access the values of the span? I tried a $("#value").val() assigning name and id like "value" but it doesn't seem to work. And what about i want to use an input type text instead of a span? Thank you!! –  Elisabetta Falivene Dec 17 '12 at 12:47
Solved. I changed to "$(this).next('input').val()" and i could use the "input" instead of the span. Good answer! Thank you! –  Elisabetta Falivene Dec 17 '12 at 13:07

Put them inside a container like

<span class="stepper">

This way you can select the display relatively without too much trouble like


in the respective click handlers.

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Use a class instead of an ID in your selector

$('.minus').bind('click', {increment: -1}, incrementValue);


< a id="minus1" class="minus" href="#">-< /a>
< a id="minus150" class="minus" href="#">-< /a>
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