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I want to add tooltip to my gridpanel's data. I want to put map on tooltip panel, I got it, but my static map's width is 600px, it overflows from tooltip's panel. I used below code, it works fine, but can not set a width to tooltip. How can I do?

this.renderToolTip = function(argVal, metadata, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store)
    var toolTipImg = '<img src="' + + ',' + + '&zoom=15&size=600x200&sensor=false" />';
    var title =;

    return '<div ext:qtitle="' + title + '" ext:qtip="' + toolTipImg + '">' + argVal + '</div>';
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Try this:




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Yes, it is ok. Where can I find this type of tags? – vtokmak Dec 17 '12 at 12:25
It works for me. I have one more problem. If I create link on argVal it doesn't work on hover. return '<div ext:qtitle="' + title + '" ext:qtip="' + toolTipImg + '"><a href="test.html">' + argVal + '</a></div>'; – vtokmak Dec 17 '12 at 12:30

for ExtJs4, here is the attributes:

 tagConfig : {
        namespace : "data-",
        attribute : "qtip",
        width : "qwidth",
        target : "target",
        title : "qtitle",
        hide : "hide",
        cls : "qclass",
        align : "qalign",
        anchor : "anchor"

do not forget to call :


in the begenning of your code.

Example of use:

meta.tdAttr = "data-qtip='texttttt' data-qtitle='title' data-qwidth=140"; 
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m.tdAttr = 'data-qwidth="160" data-qtip="'

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