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How to get and set TChromium scrollbar positions in Delphi ?

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Voted to reopen. This is in my view a valid and useful question! There's not much to research (so not much to show as well), since it's probably impossible to get or set scrollbar positions in CEF. –  TLama Dec 17 '12 at 21:20
Thank you for answer, I will try to another solution. –  Pongpitak Rattanawicharn Dec 18 '12 at 12:46

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Currently playing with CefSharp, I do think that this is similar than in Delphi. Here is my solution:

public int GetVerticalScrollPosition()
    var r = _webView.EvaluateScript(@"document.body.scrollTop");
    return Convert.ToInt32(r);

public void SetVerticalScrollPosition(int pos)
        string.Format(@"document.body.scrollTop = {0}", pos));

I'm not that Delphi expert anymore, hope you can understand my code; basically I use JavaScript to read/write the scroll positions and execute these small JavaScript snippets through the EvaluateScript and ExecuteScript methods.

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It's possible to work with javascript objects directly. Just use CefV8Context of the frame.

Here is a sample:

    val: ICefV8Value;
    context: ICefv8Context;
    excp: ICefV8Exception;
    scroll: TPoint;
    if (Chromium1.Browser.MainFrame = nil) then

    //this will work only with exact frame
    context := Chromium1.Browser.MainFrame.GetV8Context;

    if (context <> nil) then
        context.Eval('window.pageXOffset', val, excp);
        scroll.x := val.GetIntValue;
        context.Eval('window.pageYOffset', val, excp);
        scroll.y := val.GetIntValue;

    //todo: do something with scroll here
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