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I have a problem using shadowbox inside a list. The image that im trying to use with shadowbox, is inside an li tag. I have tried to implement shadowbox on an , that is outside the list, and that is working correctly.


<div id="gallery" class="content-2">
        <nav id="filter"></nav>
        <section id="container">
            <ul id="stage">
                <li data-tags="Print Design"><a rel="shadowbox" href="_img/shots/1.jpg"><img src="_img/shots/1.jpg" alt="Illustration" /></a></li>
                <li data-tags="Logo Design,Print Design"><a rel="shadowbox" href="_img/shots/2.jpg"><img src="_img/shots/2.jpg" alt="Illustration" /></a></li>
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is it even possible? – Thomas Teilmann Dec 17 '12 at 12:27

Yes it's possible, and judging by the limited HTML you've presented, it looks like your using jQuery Quicksand plugin too?

If so, check out Quicksand Demo featuring Shadowbox I made a while back which was based on this Online Tutorial.

Even if you weren't using Quicksand, the idea is the same to get Shadowbox to work as you expect: That is to run Shadowbox.setup(); during the callback process of your other script.

Basically, after another script alters the DOM and changes around other elements for Shadowbox objects, Shadowbox will not cache new objects until they are manually added to Shadowbox cache via Shadowbox.setup().

Note: You might have to first run Shadowbox.clearCache(); in order to flush out previously catched links, otherwise your cloned objects starts to multiply.

Also, be sure to open the demo's .js file since that has a lot of tutorial comments I wrote, specifically for Shadowbox use.

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