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I am losing my mind here.

Im looking at a beginners OAuth php package that has a 700 line file. Im used to using 10-12 lines of CURL or just a couple lines with simpleXML to get the same data. Is there a very meat and potatoes way to convey the concepts of interfacing with twitter via oauth without totally alienating someone?

Im used to learning by downloading an example, and tooling around with it. The only examples i can find are so confusing that id have to take a course to begin to understand the DEMO.

Specific Question:

I have a users access token. The api address is

How do i take the token, and mash it into the address and make that give me the data that i want? Im willing to learn, but i cant learn if i dont understand what is going on to begin with. I get the basics, you send a request, user approves, you get a token, i get that. I dont get how you make the requests with your token as authorization in place of the plain text user and pass.

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I felt exactly the same, but then I found EpiTwitter which makes the whole process much, much easier. Checkout the authors blog for specific examples that actually work :)

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Have you considered looking at one of the Twitter API PHP libraries listed on the Twitter API wiki?

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I haven't tried this library, but someone posted a link to simple OAuth library few day ago here.

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