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I have two sort of tables. The first sort has a TBL$ prefix and the second a LOG$ prefix. If there is a LOG$TABLE_NAME table than there is also a TBL$TABLE_NAME table. Because LOG$ tables are generated from TBL$ tables. The problem is when I want to search all user tables from oracles USER_TABLES table. I want to search by name only the TBL$ tables with 2 parameters. First is the name, and the second is a String ('YES' or 'NO) who indicates if the searched table has a corresponding LOG$ table. Without this second parameter, my query looks so:

SELECT ut.table_name AS id,
       utc.comments  AS comments
  FROM user_tables ut
  LEFT JOIN user_tab_comments utc
    ON ut.table_name = utc.table_name
 WHERE SUBSTR(UPPER(ut.table_name), 1, 4) = 'TBL$'
   AND TRIM(UPPER(ut.table_name)) LIKE TRIM(UPPER('%'|| :table_name ||'%'))

So, if you could help me to itegrate this second parameter into the query it would be great.

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What problem are you experiencing with the query? – chuff Dec 17 '12 at 13:16

You could do a left-outer self-join and check for existence:

  ut.table_name AS id
, CASE WHEN ut_log.table_name IS NOT NULL THEN 'YES' ELSE 'NO' END has_log
FROM user_tables ut
LEFT JOIN user_tables ut_log ON ut_log.table_name = replace(ut.table_name, 'TBL$', 'LOG$')
WHERE SUBSTR(UPPER(ut.table_name), 1, 4) = 'TBL$'
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