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I'm trying to sign a PDF file using itextsharp with a smartcard. The only example I could find on how to do that was from http://itextpdf.sourceforge.net/howtosign.html#signextitextsharp1

However, this example appears to be obsolete, it presents various compilation errors when used with the most recent version of iTextSharp: Methods that no longer exists, use of inappropriate classes etc.

Does anyone have an updated/working version of this code?

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you question title should inform readers that you are looking for an example to sign a pdf with the itext library. –  ThomasS Dec 17 '12 at 13:45

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For information on how to sign using the current versions of iText and iTextSharp have a look at Digital Signatures for PDF documents, a White Paper by Bruno Lowagie (iText Software).

While the code samples are written in Java, the author is confident that the Java examples are also easy to understand for C# developers who are using iTextSharp instead of iText.

The C#-ified samples can be checked out from the iTextSharp SVN repository.

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