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I want to get all retweets, that similar to current retweet.

What i mean:

If someone makes retweet, i want to take his tweet id (retweet id) and take all retweets of original tweet, that user retweet. :)

So: original tweet -> user_retweet_id

get statuses/retweets/user_retweet_id.json 

/*as statuses/retweets/original_tweet_id*/

Is it possible?

P.S: I ask it because if i take general info about retweet (user_retweet_id), i get an info about original tweet (retweet_count), but i can't get retweets from it for original tweet :\

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As far as I know there is no information for getting retweet of a retweet, as essentially you are retweeting the original post. Just retweet an already existing retweet and you will see that you will actually retweeted the original tweet without leaving any mark about the intermediate step.

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