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I have a site www.megalim.co.il, recently due to a version upgrade, I discovered that i have a robots.txt file that disallowed all Search engines.. my google ranking dropped , and I couldn't find the site's main page anymore I changed the robots.txt file to one that allows all, and now the web master toolkit doesn't write me that the site is blocked from google.

I did this about 5 days ago, I've also fetched as google and submitted www.megalim.co.il to index with all related pages

but still, when i search this: "site:www.megalim.co.il" i get a bunch of results from my site , but not the main page!

what else should I look for?

thanks! Igal

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You don't see your main page because of your old robots.txt. 5 days is nothing for Google bots to re-index all your website.

Just wait a little and you will see your website fully indexed in Google results.

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Issue sorted out.. embarassing... apparently we (inexplicably) had a nofollow, noindex meta tag.. after a day we start reappearing in google

thanks :)

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You're welcome. You need to be patient with Google :). –  Zistoloen Dec 19 '12 at 19:02

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