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I originally posted this question and found that Bitbucket does not support nested sub repos (CORRECTION: Bitbucket was not the problem at all...potentially bad information or misunderstood what they meant by nested subrepo) . I had to arrange them in Tortoise as sibling Repos. Mercurial to Bitbucket - Subrepository - Repository is unrelated error

My problem now is that TortoiseHg/Mercurial does not pick up the changes in my subrepos.

My directory structure looks like this: (sibling and not child folders)

MainRepo (to hold all subrepos)
SubRepo1 (main project)
SubRepo2 (class library)
SubRepo3 (class library)


In my .hgsub file, i have the following

SubRepo1 = ../SubRepo1
SubRepo2 = ../SubRepo2
SubRepo3 = ../SubRepo3


My problem is that the MainRepo does not detect any of the changes in my SubRepo. I noticed that there is now a folder for in the MainRepo folder for each of my subrepos. I suspect TortoiseHg is looking in there for changes...and not my ../SubRepoX folder.

Can anyone guide me to a working SubRepository scenario for TortoiseHg pushing to Bitbucket

UPDATE: See this link for the resolution to my subrepo problem. Recommended way to coordinate versions of multiple dependent mercurial repositories?

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The subrepo directory reference should be relative to the location of the .hgsub file.

Therefore, you should have = ./SubRepo rather than ../SubRepo.

Here's the official docs. They're not too hard to read.


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Thank you...I was hopeful that your simple change would have done the trick. Unfortunately, that doesn't help in the TortoiseHg world. I formatted the .hgsub file to use a static path, and the same result occurs. It appears to not be a relative path issue, but an issue that Tortoise SubRepos and Bitbucket do not get along. Perhaps someone with TortoiseHg SubRepo and Bitbucket experience can offer assistance. – faldeland Dec 17 '12 at 20:53
I successfully used TortoiseHG, subrepos and Bitbucket, so I know it did work (was about 4 months ago). I don't think bitbucket should impact the result. It's just an HG server, so shouldn't be part of the issue. Do you see the changes ok from the command-line, but not from tortoisehg? Is that the issue? THG, when looking at the main repo, will show that a subrepo has changed in the diff view, but won't show the actual changes (IIRC). The subrepo will be a link which will open the subrepo in a new tab. We CAN get this working. Will check tonight for more config details. – Mikezx6r Dec 19 '12 at 12:58
Hello @Mikezx6r, turns out that I went back to a nested subrepo structure. When adding subrepos via TortoiseHg, they formatted the .hgsub file like this subrepo = subrepo ... which was intuitive to me. But actually, it needed to be subrepo = ../subrepo ... That did the trick for me. I tried so many different variations, but this explains my resolution better stackoverflow.com/questions/13934437/… – faldeland Dec 19 '12 at 15:51
Glad you were able to resolve it. I hadn't used TortoiseHG to define my subrepos, so perhaps that's why I didn't have issues. – Mikezx6r Dec 19 '12 at 16:33
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See this link for the resolution to my subrepo problem. Recommended way to coordinate versions of multiple dependent mercurial repositories?

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