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I have a custom dialog message box that pops-up when a edit control in my main dialog has wrong data.

CDlgError dlgError = new CDlgError(this);
dlgError.Create(CDlgError::IDD, this);
dlgError.m_staticMessage.SetWindowTextA("Error message!");

//more code

I want the rest of the code to be executed only after i press an OK button in my CDlgError pop-up dialog. How can i do that?

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call DoModal instead of ShowWindow – user1773602 Dec 17 '12 at 14:43
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Use DoModal instead of Create and ShowWindow to show your error dialog. e.g.

CDlgError dlgError = new CDlgError(this);
dlgError.m_strMessage = "Error message!";

As you can see from the code you'll need to pass in the text and THEN set your message label inside CDlgError::OnInitDialog because the control won't be initialized before going modal.

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You are creating a dialog using Create which shows a modalless dialog(you can click on other parts of application even dialog is open). You requirement is for modal dialog where you can not click on any part of application until this dialog is closed. To do this use DoModal function instead of create.

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