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I'm confused by Rails 3 resource routes. I have following line in my routes.rb

resources :dungeons, only: [ :index, :destroy, :create, :update, :show ]

When I inspect what named routes are create with rake routes, I get:

dungeons GET    /dungeons(.:format)                                    dungeons#index
         POST   /dungeons(.:format)                                    dungeons#create
 dungeon GET    /dungeons/:id(.:format)                                dungeons#show
         PUT    /dungeons/:id(.:format)                                dungeons#update
         DELETE /dungeons/:id(.:format)                                dungeons#destroy

Why are there only named routes for the routes with a http get method? If I want to create a link to the destroy action, I have to use something like { :action => 'destroy', :method => :delete, :id => } instead of simply destroy_dungeon_path( dungeon ). Is there something wrong with my routes.rb?

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Nothing wrong with your routes file. This is the destroy route: dungeon_path(id)

You have to send a DELETE request to trigger it. The show, update and destroy got the same named_route, the only thing what is different is the type of Request (GET for show, PUT for update or DELETE for destroy)

Here everything you need to know routing in Rails3:

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Thanks Michael, I've read the link several times, but somehow missed the HTTP method thingy. – Torsten Robitzki Dec 17 '12 at 14:57
try this = link_to "my link", dungeon_path(id), method: :delete – Geraud Mathe Dec 17 '12 at 15:38
@GeraudMathe: yep, that's doing the job :-) – Torsten Robitzki Dec 17 '12 at 16:04

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