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I need to create a series of reports with the same template with jinja. But I would like to have each report in a different rendered file.

I can't find something relevant in jinja's documentation.

Is there a way to modify the rendered output filename?

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What is the problem with different files?

>>> from jinja2 import Template
>>> template = Template('Hello {{ name }}!')
>>> for n in ["John", "Doe"]:
>>>     with open(n + ".txt", "w") as f:
>>>         print >> f, template.render(name=n)
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Noobness and lack of coffee, that's the problem... –  tutuca Dec 17 '12 at 15:09
@tutuca Did my answer help you to solve the problem? :) –  Alexey Kachayev Dec 17 '12 at 15:14

Maybe this would help?

import jinja2

env = jinja2.Environment( loader = jinja2.FileSystemLoader('templates/') )

def render_template( filename_template, filename_output ):
  nice = env.get_template( filename_template ).render()
  with open(filename_output,'w') as fh:
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