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I have an ear that packages two wars. war 1 has all the forms for authentication and war 2 has the applications that the user can use. The user is redirected from the home page in war 1 to the application home page in war 2 by a hyperlink. When the user logs in, and navigates to a page in war 2, the session is lost as the context is different and a new context creates a new session(as per my understanding). Is there any way that i can share the session data between the two contexts ? I am using JSF 2.1 and glassfish 3 server

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Is the problem the session itself or the user login? –  fiso Dec 17 '12 at 15:54
Once i login in the first context and navigate to the second one, the session is lost and the user has to login again. None of the session attributes i set in the first one reaches the second one. –  Adarsh Dec 18 '12 at 7:50

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You can save it in the ServletContext, instead of the session. The servletcontext keep values until the server is down. There are some topics, here, who explain how to share a data through different servletcontexts

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