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I'm not sure if it's called a decision tree, but I was looking to create a website that contains a question and can be answered by clicking a yes or no button.

I wanted to do this in Wordpress but I haven't come across any examples. I figure since each post has a unique id, this should be possible but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Can someone offer some ideas on this or show a template that might do something

Example of what I'd like to do: A user goes to my website and the main page asks, "Did you eat today?" The user has the option to click on a yes or no button. If user clicks yes, the user get certain information. If user clicks no, then the user is directed to completely different information.

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At the most simple level, all you need to do is create each page as a Page (not a Post) and create the question pages with links to answer pages (with the answer Yes or No as the link text). Then style the links to look like buttons.

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thanks @Paul. That makes sense. Have you ever come across a site that does this? Just to see how it's been done? –  catchmikey Dec 17 '12 at 16:05

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